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Welcome to  Kamon SPA !

* WhatsApp  98909-3131 *

Our space is specialized in well-being, relaxation and health through oriental therapies

We are located in the Vila Mariana - Saúde neighborhood in São Paulo. Macarani Street, 21 - Behind the Plaza Sul Shopping Mall and Cobasi

Telephones (11) 2589-9326 / (11) 2597-1940 / (11) 5599-3296 or WhatsApp (11) 98909-3131 - Skype

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 09h to 21h Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 10h to 20h

On-site parking - Air-conditioned rooms

❈ Kamon SPA Team❈

always taking care of you!

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Feel the Serenity in Every Touch"...

Watch an excerpt from our relaxing massage at the link below

Schedule your first massage session and be welcomed to a surprising and full of positiveness world. 

Contact us for further information.

Our services are performed exclusively at the spa facilities. We do not perform external services, in companies or in hotels / home / others.

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