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Body Therapies

They refer to a group of body-based therapeutic approaches for the purpose of improving their vital functions. They are characterized by body and body work and are performed through touch, massage, movement and breathing, thus promoting physical, emotional and energetic well-being.

Body relaxing massage

Relaxing massage is therapeutic and focuses on producing well being. When we touch the skin, we shake the deepest, most emotional levels of being on many levels, including the levels of neurotransmitters and the information they provide about how we are internally. The realization of our potential to touch at this depth produces a sense of reverence that many massage therapists experience when they work and to which patients respond readily. As we touch a body, we touch all the events the body has experienced.


Duration: around 50 min

Tantric Massage 

The first step of Indian therapies. A massage that provides a mix of sensations that transports you to the magic of the senses. Therapy developed by soft, light and subtle touches throughout the body. Very relaxing and helps you discover new sensations of pleasure. In some parts of the body we apply oils or creams to facilitate subtle and careful sliding


Duration: around 1:00

Four Hand Massage

Deliver your senses to the ultimate pleasure and relax of a massage performed by 2 different therapists, in perfect harmony with rhythmic and sequential movements. In addition to deep physical relax by the 4 hands that massage all muscles, this technique promotes unmatched mental relax. With ambient music and essential oils, this massage will provide a true state of well-being.


Duration: around 1:00

Nuru Massage


Nuru massage, also known as melee massage is a very sensual massage and its main goal is to provide relaxation and pleasure. It is the right option for those seeking a different massage! The word Nuru is of Japanese origin and its synonym is "slippery". The gel is used in abundance and this allows the therapist to easily glide over the client's body. Nuru is a technique that involves confidence, sensuality, security between therapist and client, where their bodies will be subjected to direct touches on a proper mattress, this massage is responsible for an instant relaxation stage and with heights of satisfaction never imagined by you!


It is finished with the lingam technique.


Duration: around 1:00

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