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(11) - 2589-93262597-1940 / 5599-3296 or WhatsApp 98909-3131 - SKYPE

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 09h to 21h Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 10h to 20h On-site parking


Air-conditioned rooms

❈ Kamon SPA  Team❈



With a carefully selected and trained team, we stand out for their professionalism and total dedication to the customer.


Our team offers high quality care suggesting the best and most complete massage indicated in each case.


All therapists are skilled and trained in a variety of Eastern and Western techniques to make your session memorable, enjoyable and rewarding.


Our massages are applied in futon, in individual air-conditioned and flavored rooms, we manipulate the temperature to your liking.


We are careful to customize the environment for the massages according to the technique offered in tune with the taste and need of each client.


Our environments are safely sanitized, prepared and equipped with what is necessary for your comfort, convenience and privacy. All treatments are individual and we guarantee the professional's exclusive attention throughout the therapy period.


Preferred service by appointment. We offer water, coffee, tea, shower, towels, slippers, air conditioned environment.

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